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  • Efficient USB Drive Recovery tool to recover files and folders deleted or lost
  • More than 280 types of files are recovered at an instant after USB Drive Recovery
  • Supports USB Drive Recovery from all popular brands of USB drives such as Sandisk, Transcend, HP etc.
  • Files lost as a result of formatting the USB drive are effectively recovered with USB Drive Recovery software

  • How to perform USB drive recovery?

    There are many means of storing media in today’s world which include USB drives, flash drives, internal or external hard disks and many more types. USB device is the most preferable devices which are used for transferring data from one system to other system by connecting it to external hard drive port or USB port. These USB drives are getting much larger in size and cheaper compared to Zip drives, floppy disks, CD’s. As accidents are common to occur, the information present in these drives is lost or deleted accidentally due to many reasons because of which you need to know how to recover USB drive data. Don’t lose sleep over the loss of the data as here is USB drive recovery tool to recover data from corrupted USB drive which is lost without skipping even single information.

    Scenarios that lead to data loss from USB drive are:

    Improper Removal: Improper removal of the USB drive while working on some files present in the drive will result in loss of the files which were opened in some application. In such cases the data present gets lost or becomes inaccessible and tends to the need of USB Drive Recovery.

    Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of the files while just previewing the photos or any other files present in the USB drive will remove all the pictures or any files it contains. While many users use the system they keep the same file name, hence sometimes the files are deleted without knowing what it contains.

    Corrupt USB drive: When the USB drive gets corrupted due to improper removal or virus infection, the data present in the drive becomes inaccessible resulting in loss of valuable information. Due to corruption your USB drives become unreadable. Check to extract more info about USB drive recovery after such incidents.

    Power Surge: Power surge is one of the main reasons why you may lose files from your USB flash drives. Sudden shortage or power cut while the drive is connected to system or while accessing the data from connected USB drive will eventually cause loss of the entire information it contains. Power surge may also lead to the corruption of USB drive there by the information present in it becomes inaccessible and you have to perform USB drive recovery.

    USB drive recovery tool is designed to recover USB drive data which has been lost due to various reasons using the simple graphical user interface which is preferred by most of the users. In case of loss of files, check The selected drive is scanned within minutes to restore USB drive data and the information retrieved is listed on the basis of name, size date of creation and type of the file present. This tool has been designed with many advanced features that helps you to restore USB drive in just a few mouse clicks. It has a strong scanning algorithm that scans and restore USB drive to get data back from usb device. Files recovered with the help of USB Drive Recovery can be previewed before they can be saved to a particular destination drive or to other storage devices such as CD/DVD. These files which are recovered are compressed using the drive recovery tool, thus helps in saving the memory space of the USB drive. File Type View is the option which is specially designed within USB Drive Recovery tool to list the data on the basis of file extensions. The USB drive recovery Windows 7 tool perform USB drive recovery of all the lost information from the flash drive which is connected to Windows 7 Operating System. Visit For More info here regarding recovery

    Steps to know how to recover USB drive data:

    Step 1: Install the USB Drive Recovery tool in the system and connect the USB drive to retrieve USB drive data. From the main screen, select “Recover Files” option.

    USB Drive Recovery - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Home Page

    Step 2: The following screen will give you two options such as “Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files” option. Select the option according to your scenario and proceed with the recovery process to restore USB drive.

    Fig 2: Choose Mode of Recovery

    Step 3: The recovered files are listed as "Data View"and"File Type View" after USB Drive Recovery and hence you can save the restored pen drive files in the destination drive after previewing the particular content and finishing the recovery

    Fig 3: Recovered File List

    Tips to avoid recovery process:

    To prevent from the headache of performing recovery on unreadable USB drive which contains the important data, keep backup of the information present in separate drive before copying it to the USB storage device.

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