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Recover Lost Files from USB Drive

As days goes on, there are many types of files that are being developed. These files have to be stored on some device for backup of the data or for transferring the information from one system to other using the storage devices which are compatible to be used with almost any operating system. USB drives and other small storage devices are most commonly used for this purpose. Lots and lots of files can be loaded in these storage devices and retrieved as and when required. The random allocation and de-allocation of these files will sometimes result in losing them, and also due to many other reasons files in the USB drive are lost. Take a deep breath and relax!!!You can efficiently recover lost files USB drive using the USB drive recovery tool. This software is built with advanced features that helps you to restore lost files from USB drive.

Common data loss scenarios are:

Power Surge: Power surge is considered to be the main reason behind the loss of files in the USB drive. Frequent power cuts while the files are being transferred from system to the USB drive will easily results in loss of important information.

USB drive corruption : USB drive may get corrupted due to virus attacks and power surge problems. When USB drive gets corrupted, either you will encounter weird errors or the data becomes inaccessible resulting in loss of files.

Improper Removal: Sudden and improper removal of the USB drive from the system while the data is still being accessed by your system may cause the loss of data.

Boot Failure: The USB drive is sometimes used for installing the operating system. Boot failure will cause the data present in it to be lost. Boot failure also occurs due to system crash which eventually damages the pen drive and hence all the data present in it is lost.

In addition above discussed scenarios, there are few more resons due to which files will be lost from your USB drive such as unintentioanl format, virus infection, file system corruption, etc. In all these conditions you need to make use of USB drive recovery software which acts as USB lost file recovery tool to get back lost files from usb drive or to restore lost files from USB drive.

It’s easy to recover data from corrupted USB drive using the USB drive recovery tool that is built with special technology which helps in scanning the entire drive within minutes to recover the lost data and list them. Bring back your files by reading page. It has a powerful scanning algorithm that scans and restore lost files from USB drive. It is a simple GUI that guides you to retrieve lost files from USB drive or to recover lost files USB drive in few simple steps. It is a best and more reliable tool available in the market to recover lost files USB drive. There is a special option called the “Find Option” which helps you to find and retrieve lost files from USB drive. The recovery session can be saved and hence the entire drive need not be scanned again to recover lost files USB drive. After purchasing the full version of the software you can click on the saved recovery session and resume the recovery process. It also has the ability to recover unreadable USB drive data. The lost files which are recovered after the scanning process can be previewed before they can be saved to the destination folder whichever is applicable to the host operating system. The files which are recovered from the USB drive after the recovery process can be saved by compressing them using various compressing techniques so as to save the disk space of the particular drive. It’s also capable of recovering USB flash drive on windows 7 Operating System. Continue Reading for more information regarding Windows 7 recovery

Steps to recover lost files from USB drive:

Step 1: Install the software in the operating system by logging in as local system administrator in order to perform USB lost file recovery. Connect the USB drive to the system and run the application then select “Recover Files” option from the main screen to recover lost files usb drive or to get back lost files from USB drive.

Recover Lost Files USB Drive - Home Page

Fig 1: Main Page


Step 2: The next screen will give you two option, select “Recover Lost Files” and the recovery process starts with scanning the drive to retrieve lost files from USB drive.

Recover Lost Files USB Drive - Mode of Recovery Page


Fig 1: Select Mode of Recovery Page

Step 3: Recovered files can be previewd and saved to desired destination drive.

Recover Lost Files USB Drive - Data View Page

Fig 3: Restored File List Page


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