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Recover unreadable USB drive

USB drives are the new age storage devices which are easily available and have large memory capacity to store variety of and other information you tend to share or transfer to different systems. These files vary in size, such as ranging from 100 to 500 kilo bytes where as some file size is larger than 1GB storage capacity. Hence the situation would come such that due to over usage or corruption due to any common reasons, USB drive becomes unreadable. Don’t take heart out as to know how to get back the information present in the USB drive which is not readable. Here is the USB drive recovery tool that is specially designed to recover all the files from that particular drive.

Scenarios leading to USB drive corruption are:

Interruption: Interrupting the usage of the USB drive will surely cause damage to the drive. There can be chances that the USB drive is suddenly removed from the system without knowing that it’s being used, this surely will make the USB drive unreadable. Hence there is loss of important information present in the drive.

Power Cuts: When there are frequent power cuts while the flash drive is in use will cause the data loss present in the drive and this may also sometimes lead to the corruption of the flash drive being used.

Virus Infection: Virus infection to the drive by using data from other infected drive or system that has been infected with virus will lead to corruption of the USB drive. These viruses enter the drive cause corruption in the file system and make it unrecognizable.

Improper removal: Improper removal of the pen drive when the system is using the files present in the USB drive will lead to the corruption of the flash drive being used. Hence it results in loss of files as well as corruption of the USB flash drive thereby making your USB drive as unreadable.

USB drive recovery tool is the most advanced software that is used to recover lost files from USB drive that is not readable without changing the original file names that were present in the storage device. Visit Here to bring back files lost from USB. It is specially designed to identify and recover upto 300 file types including archives, zip archives, spread sheets, documents and many other file types based on their unique signatures. Option is provided to add or edit signatures that are not listed in the recovered list of files. The “Save Recovery Session” option provides to save the recovery session on the particular drive and resume at any time so that the entire drive need not be scanned again thus saving lot of time. It’s specially designed to recover data from corrupted USB drive and save them to the required destination folder available to host operating system. Disk space of the particular drive can be saved efficiently by compressing the recovered files and folders into zip archives. Flash drive recovery on Windows 7Operating System is made easy using the simple graphical user interface of the recovery tool. Go to page to retrieve more details about recovery in Windows 7

Steps to recover unreadable usb drive data:

Step 1: Install the software in the operating system to which you have connected the USB drive. From the main screen, select the “Recover Drives” option.

Recover Unreadable USB Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In the next step select “Partition Recovery” and proceed in the same way by selecting the drives and click “Next” to start the scanning process.

Recover Unreadable USB Drive - Select Mode of Recovery Screen


Fig 2: Select Mode of Recovery Screen

Step 3:You can view recovered files that are listed in "Data View" "File Type View"

Recover Unreadable USB Drive - Data View Screen


Fig 3: Recovered Data List Screen

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